The 11th China (Guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts exhibition in 2020 is postponed t
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The 11th China (Guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts Exhibition


From 2010 to 2019, as a famous professional brand exhibition in China and an important event in the global rubber tire industry, China (Guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts exhibition bears the mission of revitalizing the development of the tire industry. From scratch, from small to large, its scale, specialization and internationalization have been improved year by year. The scale, level and influence of the exhibition have been ranked among the top international exhibitions in the world, and become a bridge for people in the industry to communicate, a window for industry display and a platform for trade interaction.

September 8-10, 2020

Guangrao International Expo Center of Shandong Province


★ The largest scale in China, nearly 700 exhibitors and 70000 professional visitors
★ High degree of internationalization, UFI certification China's first tire industry exhibition
★ With the strongest professionalism, 8 of the top 10 global tire companies participated in the exhibition, 45 of the top 75 global tire companies and the top 500 world companies participated in the exhibition
★ Guangrao County is the largest rubber tire production base in China, the national export tire quality and safety demonstration area and the national rubber tire production famous brand demonstration area, with an annual production capacity of 152 million tires, accounting for 1 / 4 of the country, 51 large-scale tire enterprises and 7 of the world's top 75 tire manufacturers, known as the "tire capital".
★ During the same period, activities were abundant, and the latest information in international trade, industry standards, scientific and technological research and development, e-commerce and other fields was intensively displayed.



China Council for the promotion of international trade

Shandong Provincial People's Government


Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Dongying Municipal People's Government

Executive unit:

Guangrao County People's Government of Shandong Province

Dongying Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Shandong tire chamber of China International Chamber of Commerce

Zhongrong Shanghui (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

3、Contemporaneous Exhibition

2020 China (Guangrao) International wheel Exhibition

2020 China (Guangrao) International Automobile Maintenance Equipment Exhibition

2020 Guangrao tire rubber industry development conference

4、Exhibition scale

43000 square meters

5、Scope of exhibition

1. Tire products:


Various vehicle tires and wheel hubs, tire manufacturing and design, tire accessories and accessories, retreaded tire products and tire related products, etc.

2. Wheel products:


Steel wheel, aluminum wheel, raw materials, equipment and other related products.
Rubber tyre machinery and equipment: complete set of tyre manufacturing and testing equipment, single machine, technology and mould, etc.
Tire retreading equipment and materials: tire repair materials, repair mold, repair extrusion machine, tread rubber, repair frame, etc.

3. Rubber raw materials:


Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, steel cord, skeleton materials, etc.

4. Auto parts:


Chassis system, braking system, driving system, steering system, body and parts system, automobile glass, electronic and electrical system, exhaust system, automobile air conditioning and heat dissipation system, automobile parts manufacturing equipment and technology, automobile maintenance, detection and diagnosis equipment, automobile refitting and refitting parts.

5. others:


Journal, magazine and media of lubricant, rubber tire and auto parts.

In the golden autumn, we will gather with you in Guangrao and go to the feast of rubber tires!

Contact information of organizing committee:

Li Jinyu 1381311863 (same as wechat)
Yangliu 13671078465 (same as wechat)
Liu Xiaodan 13693269797 (same as wechat)



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