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Zhongrong Shanghui (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is——
Member unit of UFI(Union of International Fairs)
Vice-Chairman Unit of China Convention & Exhibition Economic Research Association
Member Unit of China International Chamber of Commerce
Member Unit of China Exhibition Hall Association
Vice-Chairman Unit of Shandong International Chamber of Commerce for Cultural Industry
Member Unit of Shandong Exhibition Industry Association
Member Unit of Shandong Aviation Industry Association
Organizational Unit of Guangdong Exhibition Enterprises
Member Unit of Hubei Exhibition Economic Development & Promotion Association
Member Unit of Zhongguancun Virtual Reality Industry Association

       Zhongrong Shanghui, as a professional operator of the exhibition industry in China early, is integrating venue operation, exhibition, festival tourism and events service. Company has operated the international UFI certification of exhibitions and venue halls. It is a specialty company that opened earlier operation to the venues in small and medium-sized cities in China.

      In recent years, combined with the experience of venue operation in various cities, Zhongrong company have developed a set of mature operation mode of exhibition industry, standardized process and strong executive team, which have a targeted goal and achieve rapid results.
Shandong Weifang Lutai Exhibition Center has been entrusted for more than six years. It has won the honorary title of national top ten brand Exhibition Center for five consecutive years, and became the first UFI(Union of International Fairs)certification exhibition hall in Shandong Province in 2016.
In addition, the company has been authorized operation of Shandong Binzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jiangxi Ji'an High Speed Railway New Area International Convention and Exhibition Center; Cooperative operations Sichuan Guangyuan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Sichuan Neijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Linyi International Exhibition Center, etc.
All of the cities to be visited take the venues as the resource integration platform, which not only ensures the venues to increase revenue in full year, but also drives the local exhibition economy with the company's strong planning, sales and comprehensive operation capabilities, bringing infinite business opportunities and vitality to these cities.

      Company has unique resource advantages and established good cooperation relations, within China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT),China Chamber of International Commerce(CCOIC),China industry and economy league(CFIE),China Machinery Industry Federation(CMIF),China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing(CFLP),Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC),China Nonferrous Metal Processing Association,China Rubber Industry Association and General Aviation Branch of China Air Transport Association,etc.

      In recent years, Zhongrong Company has planned and organized exhibition services, involving general aviation, chemical industry, general aviation, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, industrial automation, non-ferrous metals, ocean engineering, equipment manufacturing, engineering machinery, rubber, intelligent equipment, new energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, grain and edible oil, real estate, home decoration, automobile, cosmetology, culture, pension and other fields.

      It has successfully planned and organized numerous international and local exhibitions, which is the largest scale rubber tire industry in China, ranked second rubber tire exhibition field in world and its only passed UFI certification; such as China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Auto Parts Exhibition, China-Japan-South Korea First Comprehensive Industry Expo, China-Japan-South Korea Industry Expo, etc. And also, China (guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts exhibition and China, Japan and South Korea industry expo were successfully selected into the “one province one exhibition” project approved by CCPIT.

      Zhongrong Company has the class-A qualification of China exhibition engineering enterprise, passed ISO9001&ISO14000 quality and environment system certification. It is one of the top ten brand exhibition engineering and service enterprises with complete exhibition industry operation management system in China.

      Zhongrong Shanghui, more than ten years of progress, more and more accurate strategic positioning; mature business model and strong replication ability, bring infinite vitality to its development. In the era of mobile internet, together innovative teams and passion with ideals dance, take limitless possibilities to its happy life. We are always on the way to enjoy the ideal city and create better living.

Exhibition hall operation consult: Mr. Li 133 8536 2786
Exhibition business consult: Ms. Li 138 1131 1863
Exhibition engineering consult: Ms. Zhang 133 7636 9990
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