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  • Shandong Weifang Lutai Exhibition Center

    Six years of operation, three years of cultivation, two years of growth
    the first UFI international certification exhibition hall in Shandong

  • Shandong Binzhou International Exhibition Center

    More than 3 billion yuan of direct economic benefits in two years of operation
    the annual average amount of exhibition activities is more than 50 times

  • Shandong Linyi International Expo Center

    Linyi International Expo Center has a total construction area of about 95000 m2, an area of about 41000 M2 on the ground and 54000 M2 underground.

  • Jiangxi Jian High Speed Railway New Area International Exhibition Center

    Covering an area of 62.16 mu, the total construction area is about 70415 square meters.

  • Neijiang International Exhibition Center

    The project covers a total area of more than 220 mu, with a total construction area of 500000 square meters

  • China-Mongolia Permanent Expo

    The exhibition center has an indoor exhibition area of 40000 square meters
    and an outdoor exhibition area of 72015 square meters

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