2018 China (Guangrao) International

Rubber tire industry development conference

Zhongrong Shanghui (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

2018 China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire Industry Development Conference    Learn more >>

Exhibition Overview
China Council for the promotion of international trade
Shandong Provincial People's Government

Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Dongying Municipal People's Government

Executive unit:
Guangrao County People's Government of Shandong Province
Dongying Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Shandong tire chamber of China International Chamber of Commerce
Zhongrong Shanghui (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contemporaneous Exhibition
2018 China (Guangrao) International wheel Exhibition
2018 China (Guangrao) International Automobile Maintenance Equipment Exhibition
2018 China (Guangrao) international tire development conference

Scope of exhibits

Tire products: various vehicle tires and wheel hubs, tire manufacturing and design, tire accessories and accessories, retreaded tire products and tire related products, etc.
Wheel products: steel wheels, aluminum wheels and wheel production materials, equipment and other related products.
Rubber tyre machinery and equipment: complete set of tyre manufacturing and testing equipment, single machine, technology and mould, etc.
Tire retreading equipment and raw materials: tire repair raw materials, repair mold, repair extrusion machine, tread rubber, repair frame, etc.
Rubber raw materials: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, steel cord, skeleton materials, etc.
Automobile parts: chassis system, braking system, driving system, steering system, body and parts system, automobile glass, electronic and electrical system, exhaust system, automobile air conditioning and heat dissipation system, automobile parts manufacturing equipment and technology, automobile maintenance, detection and diagnosis equipment, automobile refitting and refitting parts.
Others: professional journals, magazines and media of lubricants, rubber tires and auto parts.

Exhibition content
Product display: physical objects, samples, pictures, audio and video materials
Economic and Trade Negotiation: trade cooperation, investment negotiation, technology exchange, information release
Summit Forum: high level discussion, expert analysis and entrepreneur interaction
Park inspection: visit the plant and the site
Cultural activities: public participation, media live broadcast

Exhibition expenses



Expenses of domestic enterprises

Expenses of foreign enterprises

Standard booth

9 square meters

RMB 5000 / piece

USD 900 yuan / piece

Bare land

369 square meters

RMB 500 square meters

USD100 square meters

Exhibition hall setting: the exhibition area is divided into W1 hall, W2 hall, E1 hall, E2 hall, M1 hall, M2 hall, m3 hall and outdoor exhibition area.

Special booth: the exhibition area of non-standard booth shall not be less than 36 ㎡, and the design, production and installation of non-standard booth shall be commissioned by itself.

Supporting media
Print media: China industry daily, China chemical industry daily, tire industry, rubber industry, China rubber industry, automobile and accessories, modern automobile industry, rubber resources, tire market, bright tire information, rubber market, comprehensive utilization of China tire resources, auto maintenance special issue, auto maintenance special issue《 Commercial vehicles and parts, etc.

Online media: China automotive network, Asian automotive supplies network, auto parts world network, China auto parts business network, Huicong rubber network modern rubber network, commercial vehicle service network.

Overseas media:<Tyres&Accessories><Tires&Parts><SATreads><NeueReifenzeitung><TheTyreman>

<TheRubberInternational><IndiaRubberJournal><Tires&pparts(Dubai,U.A. <BorrachaAtual>E)><AutoAsia(lndia)><SATREADS(SouthAfrica)><TireReview(USA)>等。

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