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  • Exhibition project manager


    1. Responsible for market research, project approval, budget and operation of the project.
    2. Be fully responsible for the implementation of the exhibition project.
    3. Control the expense control, sales revenue and other marketing information of the exhibition.
    4. Team building, training and daily management.


    1. College degree or above, more than 2 years of exhibition or related management experience, can independently operate large exhibition project activities;
    2. Communication, coordination, organizational development ability, strong overall planning, analysis, implementation ability.
    3. Adapt to short-term business trip.

  • Sales manager of exhibition hall


    1. Responsible for venue leasing and sales.
    2. Achieve the company's annual sales target.
    3. Daily maintenance of customer relationship.


    1. College degree or above in exhibition, marketing and related major.
    2. More than 1 year sales related working experience, with exhibition business experience is preferred.
    3. Adapt to short-term business trip.

  • General manager of venue business department (reserve)


    1. According to the development strategy of the group, assist in formulating the development plan of the division.
    2. Expansion and development of various venues.
    3. Management and supervision of existing venues.
    4. Assist the general manager to complete the company's overall business plan.


    1. At least 5 years experience in the same position, college degree or above.
    2. Experience in venue management is preferred (gymnasium, exhibition venue, etc.).
    3. Have strong professionalism and rich marketing experience;
    4. Adapt to short-term business trip.

  • Management trainee of convention and exhibition industry (weekend + five insurances)

    After strict screening at all levels, appropriate talents are selected and allocated to carry out job rotation practice training in the company's core business departments. During the training period, targeted training is started at the grassroots level, and follow-up guidance is carried out. After 12 months, they grow into professional managers; special training, senior manager management, multi position job rotation, one-to-one follow-up, shaping their own professional quality, finding their own professional positioning, and realizing self-development My dream is to improve my sales, planning, coaching and management! Become a compound talent!

    [training] paid training, induction training, on-the-job training, understanding the company's corporate culture, being familiar with the company's business scope, and opening up marketing thinking.
    [core department rotation practice training, stage tutor guidance] after 12 months of core business department practice training, the post will be determined; special excellent management trainees [fixed post + full course counselor follow-up guidance] can enter the management post one year after assessment and selection.

    [education requirements] excellent university graduates from 2017 to 2018 are preferred, with college degree or above
    [quality requirements] strong sense of responsibility, learning, execution, dedication and goal
    [ability requirements] student union or class cadres who have participated in social practice activities inside and outside the school are preferred
    [professional requirements] exhibition planning and management, marketing, tourism management and other related majors are preferred
    [Others] can accept short-term business trip irregularly
    Contact person: Human Resources Department
    Tel: 0531-58538028

Exhibition hall operation consult: Mr. Li 133 8536 2786
Exhibition business consult: Ms. Li 138 1131 1863
Exhibition engineering consult: Ms. Zhang 133 7636 9990
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